Damien Martin, born on the south coast of New South Wales in the quite coastal town of Ulladulla, picked up his first bodyboard at the tender age of 12.

At 17, with a little persuasion from his mother, realised he needed something to fall back on when he got older. Working in a fish shop since he was 12, he always had a passion for not only the ocean, but for quality food.

The 4 year slog to get a trade behind him started at Harbourside Restaurant in Ulladulla, before moving on to award winning ‘Bannister’s by the sea’ and finishing his time at, arguably Sydney’s or even Australia’s best restaurant, Quay.

After travelling the globe backpacking, residing in France for a winter season and living in London to do a stint with critically acclaimed chef Gordon Ramsay, he managed to find his way back home to Ulladulla to set his site’s on his dream to become a pro bodyboarder. With the backing of local surf shop, Southern Man, he managed to work casually and develop his surfing around the south coast.

In 2010, he ventured out of his comfort zone, surfing in arguably some of the biggest sessions of the year in Tasmania and Victoria, before driving across Australia and hitting the West Coast. It was on this trip, where he got his first break, scoring a double page in Riptide Magazine, Issue #177 from the notorious Shipstern’s Bluff.

This only fuelled the fire for what was to come. Sparking his first major sponsorship deal with Nomad Bodyboards, Attica Wetsuits, Limited Edition Accessories and Southern Man Ulladulla, he has managed to travel the globe in the search of that heaving slab and perfect air bowl.

Being constantly on the road, chasing the limelight he managed to score some more coverage in Phil Gallagher’s acclaimed Le Boogie Magazine.

In mid 2011, Damien decided to try his luck at the trials for the infamous ‘Shark Island Challenge’, surfing extremely well all the way through the competition, claiming 2nd place to Joe Clarke. He competed in the main event against 24 of the best rider’s in the world. Unfortunately, not getting a place, but competing with his childhood hero’s was an achievement in itself!

In August 2011, Damien got his first full profile article published in Le Boogie, Issue #8 and scored the COVER of Riptide Magazine, Issue #183. Quote: “Getting a cover has been my dream since I was 12, to actually finally achieve this goal is simply undescribable.”

With fresh sponsors ‘Negative Threads’ and ‘Hoven Eyewear’, a brand new contract with Nomad and big plans in site, Damien Martin is showing no signs of slowing down!

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